Have you ever just had a moment where you just paused in life and thought to yourself… There’s better out there for me. Whether it’s a soul tie, addiction, friendships that aren’t pulling you forward, or just decisions you keep on making that aren’t well for your soul….there’s better. I’ve felt this way so many times. I wanted to do better. I knew better. I just didn’t do better. I prayed. I went to church. I was still making horrible decisions. At first I beat myself up in my mind. Then I realized that I was the one in control.

I used to say: “Well it’s just hard”. I would try to make a change and then something would happen. Then I read the word and I figured it out. I was claiming salvation but I wasn’t letting God save me. I wasn’t resting in Him as my savior. I was trying to save myself. That was why I was failing. I also was still trying to hold on to where I was. I said that I wanted better for my life but I was still holding on to “keepsakes” of my current situation. God spoke to me: “I thought you wanted to be free”. Yes. It’s hard to climb out of where you are but at the end of the day, it’s up to us. God has had His out the entire time. I was done making excuses. The more I read my word, I saw that I had no excuse because God said He would never leave me.

The only thing holding me back was my fear that I could no longer hug my past at night. It was the fear that God was actually going to change my life and I wouldn’t even recognize who my past was. Some of us are scared of changing for the better because we have become comfortable in what we know. It’s time to change what you know. It’s time to live for Christ how you know you were meant to. It’s time for all of us to grow up in Christ. No more baby messages. No more complacency because that’s what you “know”. It’s time to change the script and get on God’s side.

He wants you to do what you have never done because flesh hates change. It hates swallowing that big pill called “Truth”. The truth is changing is more than a thought. It’s more than a “desire”. It’s an action. It’s time to make a decision. There will never be a “perfect” time. The time is NOW! It’s time to LEVEL UP!

Written by Genesis Dorsey