I pray that all is well with you! Time has been flying by. Can you believe it? I don’t know about you but life can seem so overwhelming at times. I’m learning to rest truly in God’s presence. Even when life feels to be in those horrible valleys, I’m learning to rest in God. It can be REALLY hard to be “still” when everything seems to be telling you to stress out. However, I’m reminded of when Jesus was in the boat with the disciples. The disciples were stressed out about to lose their minds because of the storm. They thought they would die. 

Ever had a moment like that? You didn’t know what was going to happen next in your life. Maybe that’s you right now. You have no clue what to to do. Many times when we go through these phases, we immediately whip out what has worked out for us in the past. We try to make it through by our natural intellect. However, our own mastermind plots and solutions seem to not be quite enough. Jesus was resting on that boat. He was asleep. When the disciples woke Him up, He challenged their faith. He calls their faith “little”.

I remember when I first read this. I thought to myself-I thought all we needed was faith the size of a mustard seed? Doesn’t little faith work?

That’s when God gave me a personal revelation for my life. I want to share this with you. The disciples had weak faith. They ran to God to calm the storm not realizing that they could have spoken to the storm themselves. They had spent all this time listening to the Word of God but when the chance came to put it into action, their faith weakened.

How is faith measured? I think for many of us we cling on to the “mustard seed” analogy as reason for us to only believe but so much. We take it literally. However, it’s the dependent factor and our action in response to our faith that makes it faith. Jesus was challenging the disciples because their faith was weak. There is no way to cheat the manifestation equation. We must believe. That’s the only way we’re going to be able to rest in God. We must believe. Even if we feel like we’re on our last leg of believing, we must believe. That’s mustard seed faith. I may not have much to give but what I do give is my ALL. The enemy comes to rip out our belief in Him. Read Psalm 39:7 on today. Our hope is in God.  This is why the teachings of faith are the bedrock of this ministry. Everything comes back to faith and love.

Do you believe?

Written by Genesis Dorsey